Well, even if you don’t, daddy Maheh Bhatt certainly thinks so!

Mahesh Bhatt recently revealed that he thought his ladli beti Alia had a lot to learn from Hollywood icon Meryl Streeps. While on one hand the whole country is busy heaping praie on Alia for both her acting skills and cute appearances, daady Bhatt still thinks Alia can improve further. Talking about this, Mahesh said, “There are no finishing points, life has no full stop, so Alia Bhatt also has no full stop. We must not cease to be generous to our children or to be too eager to say this is her finishing point. I don’t worry about people saying she has peaked too early; she’s peaked according to the limits of the skies that people have in their own minds. I think she’s just warming up. How can this girl feel she has arrived? She has the audacity and the courage to demolish herself at the end of the day — even after receiving applause — when she sees a brilliant performance of an actor such as Meryl Streep. I keep telling her, ‘Alia, why don’t you watch all the movies of Meryl Streep? She is an amazing actor”

Now that you know what daddy Bhatt thinks of his daughter’s work, do you agree? Do you also feel we have a dei Meryl Streeps in the making right here in B-town?

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