There was a time (not too long ago) when women were worried about husbands cheating on them. But today with the women’s lib and temptation (in the form of 6 packs on 2 legs) surrounding us everywhere, things have changed. Husbands now worry about their wives cheating on them. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that women don’t PLAN to cheat. But nevertheless, they do end up cheating sometimes.

Have you ever imagined yourself cheating on your partner? Do you think you are at the risk of infidelity?

Find out now…

Research shows that women cheat due to one or many of these reasons:

1. A bad sex life. If your partner doesn’t make you happy with what he does in bed, you are a prime candidate for infidelity. You may not realise is, but your dissatisfaction in the sex department will make you very vulnerable as soon as the opportunity to cheat comes along. If you wish to prevent it, learn to communicate. Tell him what makes you tick in bed.

2. For adventure and thrill. Women also experience the “mid-life” crisis, a time when you feel there’s no excitement in life, nothing to look forward to. How nice it would be to meet someone new, right? Wrong! If you are looking for adventure and thrill, go bungee jumpting with your partner, unless you do WANT to cheat.


3. Relationship problems. Unhappiness in a relationship leads to infidelity. So if there are any problems in your relationship, try to communicate and look for solutions. If nothing works, seek counselling. If that also fails, maybe it’s time to take harsh decisions. But do not give in to the temptation to cheat while you are in a relationship. Cheating is no solution to your problems, it will in fact add to your problems.


4. To feel young and wanted. Having a fling outside marriage means there’s someone paying you attention and compliments. Yes, it does make you feel wanted, desired and appreciated. You feel young and sexy. But how long will it last? And how does it affect your real relationship? The real solution is to communicate with your partner. Appreciate him and the little things he does for you. You are bound to get appreciation in return. Make sure to make time for each other. Do fun things together, that will make you feel good and young too.


5. Looking for someone. Many women caught in unhappy relationships are looking for love outside. If someone comes along and shows interest, it may lead to cheating. Now there’s nothing wrong in looking for a relationship that makes you happy.

Nothing wrong in looking for love. But it is wrong to do this while you are committed to someone. So if you feel that your relationship lacks love, warmth and sincerity, break off before you go looking elsewhere.



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