Recent news that is gushing all over the internet and media houses is about wrestler John Cena’s love and respect towards our very own King Khan—SRK. Shah Rukh Khan’s admiration and fandom have no boundaries across the world. One of the most renowned wrestlers John Cena has also declared his love for the star.

We recently noted that American professional wrestler and actor John Cena is actually inspired by Shah Rukh Khan’s words of wisdom. John has been seen putting up Instagram posts on SRK’s impressive quotes. And it’s not those random, one of the posts – he has been rather regular.

Shah Rukh Khan has always been a wise man with a charm to lure people. The effects of the superstar’s charming aura have surely gone beyond the realms of logic already. John Cena who already is a notable person with best and wise words is belabored by SRK and his words.

A couple of days ago, John Cena took to Instagram and posted another pic of SRK. With a quote on the pic that read, “It’s not necessary that the world will accept your creativity but don’t give up on it.” We really agree with Cena’s post and fan love. Who doesn’t love SRK??

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