Guys might be the easiest mysteries to solve, but there still remain many things about them that you may not be familiar with. Considering that many of us may be in search of our better halves, and even otherwise, there are certain things about men that might interest you.

Anything For Attention
They can’t put on makeup or show their skin to get the girls’ attention, so they resort to all other means possible! So if the guy goes out of his way to impress you, probably the way itself falls out of line!

Also, while girls love to check out the tastes and dressing sense of other girls, guys get no such pleasure. So, watching and admiring girls is their only pleasurable pastime, if there are no video games and gadgets around.

All His Praises Aren’t Straight-From-The-Heart
Some might have taken a longer route, through his calculative brain, where it would have been modified into something he knows will flatter you! Simply stated, don’t take all his praises on face value!

Beauty Doesn’t Mean Perfect Features
If this makes you think he treasures inner beauty, don’t become so happy! A fair woman with perfect features won’t attract a man as much as a lady who has a very attractive smile and a good dressing. For men, beauty has a lot to do with how a woman presents herself.

Who Said Boys Don’t Cry?
Guys are emotionally weaker than girls. And you might want to read that line again! Its true and it makes them cry! This is precisely the reason why they feel so embarrassed about their soft and hysterical side! Bitter times in a relationship affect him equally. Only, when he cries, he doesn’t want anyone to know about it. This may also be the reason why he hates to see you cry. He fears he will start crying too!

A guy is also very scared of revealing his feelings. That is why he tries to run away from commitment. He attitude is governed less by the fact that he wants to enjoy his freedom and more by the fear of becoming vulnerable!

Good At Listening, Bad At Understanding
They say girls love to babble. But the fact is that girls appear to talk more because men just love to listen to them! So, they end up talking less. They listen because they love to hear girls talk, but are not really interested in what you are talking about. A lot of your sweet words reach their ears and blend in some invisible fluid that travels straight to their heart, but nowhere close to their brains. This makes them really bad in understanding things you tell them!

Love Their Moms Too Much!
No matter how much you hate it, all guys are mumma’s boys! And they like girls who are like their mothers. Just like girls like men who are like their fathers! Only, it’s so much cooler to be a father’s girl than a mumma’s boy. So they act cool and don’t let it show!

PS III, Bikes and Hairstyle!
Yes, apart from all the geek stuff, there is one more thing that guys are obsessed with. Their hairstyles. Since they do not have the pleasure of trying on different gowns in floral colours and matching their footwear and accessories, they resort to hairstyle experiments. And this is one area where you can really please him by complimenting!

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