Whether you dress her in a sari or see her in a tight skirt, Kareena Kapoor always looks so sexy. What is it about Bebo that makes her the reigning queen of Bollywood? Why does she look so hot no matter what she wears?

Kareena Kapoor looks so gorgeous because she has a lovely skin, gorgeous hair and a figure to die for. You may not be able to change much about your skin tone or your hair, but you can certainly aim to have a hot bod like Bebo. Here’s what she does to look the way she does:

– Kareena starts her day with 90 minutes of Yoga. She drinks water before this workout. She likes practising Bikram Yoga, which involves Yoga done in a room with an elevated temperature and humidity levels. Apparently this is more conducive for burning body fat.

– Kareena’s Yoga routine consists of breathing exercises, Surya Namaskars and asanas like Naukasana, Bhujangasana, Virbhadra asana and Parvat asana, all done after a little warm up routine.

– Kareena Kapoor is a vegetarian and likes to eat wholesome vegetarian food that provides adequate nutrients from all the major food groups. She does not go in for fad diets and drinks a lot of water every day.

– Kareena eats a healthy breakfast consisting of parathas (without oil), idlis or upma along with milk and muesli. Mid morning snack is usually a whole wheat toast. For lunch it is green salad with rotis, dal and sabzi. Evening snack is again idli, poha or upma. Dinner is similar to lunch, consisting of soup, rotis, dal and sabzi.

Kareena has been practising Yoga for years now and swears by it. She recommends it to everyone who wants to achieve physical-mental harmony and balance.

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