In a surprise twist, Bigg Boss assigned the responsibility of last week’s eviction to the housemates. After Luv and Shilpa were declared safe on the basis of public votes, the housemates were asked to choose one contestant of the remaining two (Hiten and Priyank) to be evicted from the house.

As expected, Akash, Luv and Hina Khan voted to save Priyank Sharma. Similarly, Arshi, Vikas and Puneesh voted to save Hiten Tejwni. But Shilpa Shinde surprised everyone by voting to save Priyank. It was expected that she would save Hiten as the two were on good terms in the house. But Shilpa said that Hiten was not as involved in the game as Priyank. She also mentioned that she wanted to evict Hiten as he was such a strong contestant.

Hiten Tejwani, after his eviction, has expressed surprise that Shilpa voted him out. His reaction is not really justified as Shilpa did what any smart contestant would do. Also, as Hiten himself has figured out, Shilpa may have been swayed by the videos she was shown the same day. She realized Vikas was not really her friend and since Hiten was a good friend of Vikas, Shilpa’s vote may have been influenced by these videos.

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Lavanya Mehra


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