Kareena Kapoor has been constantly trolled on social media every since her baby Taimur was born. First it was the controversy about Taimur’ name. Then the trolls questioned why Kareena Kapoor went to the gym, ignoring her little baby! How does it even matter to us what she does with her time? How did it became a national issue that Bebo left her baby at home and went gymming?

Then started the body shaming for Bebo. A picture posted by Karisma Kapoor got trolls shaming Bebo for her ‘fat legs’. Gosh! Why is she expected to be picture perfect in every picture? A fe wmonths later, Bebo was trolled for having too flat a tummy in one of her pictures. Apparently it was unlike how a new mother should look. Sorry we did not get the memo on that! Could someone share with us so we know how we are supposed to look at different points in our lives?

Recently, Amrita Arora shared a picture of herself with Bebo, in which both look very slim. People are now trolling Bebo for her ‘size zero’ look. Some people are advising her to start eating, others are pointing out that they can see her bones. Everyone is basically being insensitive and trolling her left, right and centre!

One logical question here is how does it even concern anyone how Kareena Kapoor Khan looks or spends her time or eats or not eats? Why do we have to read about these things every day? She is not even a Bollywood A-lister any more. Giver her some space and just move on guys!

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