Bigg Boss is a show that can make people wild when they are in together with strangers. This season’s contestants are actually a combination of commoners and celebrities and create a loud ambiance in the Bigg Boss house. 

We all know the entry of Sapna in the Bigg Boss house was terrific with a dance number to which even Salman was thrilled and joined her on stage. However, the same feisty Sapna now wants to quit the show. It has been even less than one week and the house is turning to be a fish market.

Looks like Haryanvi dancer Sapna Choudhary has had enough of the drama created inside the house in the first 3 days itself and hence she feels like moving out of the show already. Now, in one of the unobserved videos of Bigg Boss 11, Sapna tells Zubair Khan that she doesn’t know why Bigg Boss chose her to be a part of the show. Being fed up of the approach with which things are going on inside the Bigg Boss house, Sapna tells Zubair that she wants to leave the show.

It is always hard to survive in this house that is full of drama and fights, but this is what will make the contestants more strong in the long run. Do you think Sapna will still want to stay in the house with all the drama going on inside or her temptation to stay in this season will prolong for few more days?

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Joydev Mishra


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