Trolling is the newest form to criticize someone in public. A recent photo of Aishwarya and her daughter which got broadcasted on the internet got badly trolled.

The mother-daughter duo was out for a family dinner and were clicked by the paparazzi. In the picture, we can see Ash holding Aaradhya close to her as they made their way through the paparazzi. This behavior of Ash fascinated unsolicited comments and she was trolled for being an over protective mother.

Some of the comments could be read as, “Hope her daughter dont get shoulder pain by this position always”, “Aish needs to cut the umbilical cord. The girl is in her 8th year ffs”, “Pls leave her hand Aish n walk her freely”.

It seems like netizens were quick to troll Aishwarya for holding Aaradhya’s hand in every public event or picture. Many said that she’s being over-protective of her daughter by holding her hand, others requested the actress to let her daughter be independent. What do you think? Is Aishwarya being overprotective or keeping her baby in cocoon?


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Joydev Mishra


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