Pink screams Female and Blue Screams males… why?

Without even thinking twice, we invariably assign the colour ‘pink’ to girls and ‘blue’ to boys. Remember the ‘Pink Room’ and the ‘Blue Room’ in the reality drama Bigg Boss? But have you ever given it the slightest thought as to why be this trend the way it is and why has it never been altered or even questioned? The first explanation that comes to our mind is that pink being a soft colour represents the tender sex and blue being a bold colour represents the other half of the population!

But did you know that assigning colours to genders is mostly a 20th century trait? And did you also know that this colour association has actually been reversed since colour first came into use as a gender identifier? Which means there was a time when ‘pink’ was for the men and ‘blue’ for the lady!

Oh! Don’t raise your brows so much and read on for the explanation…

Pink being a washed out shade of red, a more decided and stronger colour, was more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is paler, more delicate and dainty, is perfect for the girl!

Pink represented the fierce, bold strength possessed by a man, specially the army men, while blue was more peaceful and soothing, a shade for the women.

If you are still finding it difficult to digest the fact, read on further…

The current shades of blue and pink used to represent the genders have also been reversed. Today, the ‘pink’ used by brands like ‘Ponds’ is much lighter and softer than the ‘pink’ that represented ‘boys’ years ago! It is much towards the colour ‘white’. Similarly, the ‘blue’ that represents boys today is much stronger that the ancient ‘blue’ for girls.

The trend actually reversed when the Nazis came in… Nazi Germany had something to do with the association of pink with femininity!

So it is all up to you… whether you like to follow traditions or stick to the latest associations!

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