Priyanka Chopra has now joined the list of Bollywood actresses who have fainted on the sets. The incident happened while PeeCee was shooting for Bajirao Mastani. Priyanka is playing the orle of Kashibai, a character that requires 4 hours of getting ready and made up! So after 4 hours of preparation, Priyanka was delivering a 4 page long monologue when she collapsed. She was obviously exhausted and stressed out.

This is not the first time an actress has fainted on the sets. Kareena Kapoor in her “Size Zero” phase fainted on the sets too. Though her collapse was attributed to zero calorie diet, PeeCee seems to be overworked.

We fail to understand why do these celebrities treat themselves so harshly! Why can’t they take time off work, eat and sleep like normal human beings, and stop acting like supermachines? Do they really need that much money so badly? Perhaps we are better off! What do you think?

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