The Pakistani component has almost unvaryingly tiptoed into the music of all Salman Khan films. After the Pulwama attack, there is now a huge demand among Salman’s die-hard fans to get rid of songs sung by Pakistani singers. Lots of tweets have in fact cautioned the superstar that if the terror-sponsoring nation’s talent is included in Bharat, they won’t watch the film.

Acting quickly, Salman has not only contributed a considerable sum to the Martyrs’ Fund, but he has also ensured that the belligerent songs have been removed from Bharat. A source reveals, “This time, Salman knows that he can’t ignore the demand to ban the Pakistani singers. And while he believes the voices of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam suit him best, there are far bigger truths to tackle right now. To cling stubbornly to the unwanted elements for purely selfish reasons would damage his reputation severely. That is a risk he is not willing to take.”

Meanwhile, sources from Salman’s camp inform that the tracks recorded with Pakistani singers for Bharat are silently being plunged.

“They will re-record the songs in Indian voices and pretend that the other voices from over the barbed fence never happened,” says a close friend of the superstar.

Well, we all know that no one is bigger and better than our own motherland. Jai Hind.


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