Jodha Akbar turns out to be a pile of controversies. Rajasthan, from where the film has sourced most of its exquisite jewellery, refuses to accept the ‘historical’ love story of Akbar and Jodha. The Rajputs claim that Jodha never was Akbar’s wife. In fact, she was his son’s wife, Akbar’s daughter-in-law!

The film, thus, has been banned in Rajasthan and is struggling with the state government for its release!
The seriousness of this issue can be judged by the fact that several researches and studies are being used as evidence in this case. Residents of the Land of Rajputs are determined to prove by all means that Jodha Bhai was not Akbar’s wife.

A major part of the film has been shot in and around the state capital, Jaipur and since the initial days of its shooting, the film crew has been facing several problems here.

And this is not all! The film is facing some other allegations too! The animal rights activists are accusing the film’s director, Ashutosh Gowarikar of being cruel to horses used in some sequences of the film. And Gowarikar is having quite a difficult time dealing with this issue.

The film is scheduled for release on 15th of February. Now the big question is whether the film will survive the strong allegations or will crumble in front of the strong historical evidence found in Rajasthan!

Meanwhile, the rest of the country eagerly awaits the big-budget film, irrespective of all the allegations!

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