With the enormous emphasis laid down on “good looks” by our society, comparisons are bound to be made. The celebrities deserve all that adulation (and the money) only because they look so gorgeous and work hard at looking so. At the end of a year’s hard work, all they want is appreciation. Titles help too!

So who has been chosen as the Sexiest Man & Sexiest Woman in Asia this year? Every year, Eastern Eye, one of the most popular magazines in Asia and the UK, gives away these titles. The magazine conducts online polls to arrive at a list. The Top 10 list is then sent to various judges who are asked to rank the Top 10 in the order of their preference. After receiving each judge’s personal preference list, the weekly compiles the result and announces the winners.

Katrina Kaif has been announced the Sexiest Woman in Asia, 2008. The pretty lady has managed to dethrone the very sexy Bipasha Basu, who had won the title last year. It seems like there really is no other competition for these two babes. Whether it is the amount they charge for dancing at functions, or titles like these, Bips and Kat manage to stay neck to neck.

No surprises as far as the Sexiest Man in Asia is concerned. John Abraham has made sure that people will not even think about anyone else as far as sexiness is concerned. His teeny weeny shortie act in Dostana has made him an instant hit with all the women (and gays) in Asia. Last year, John was at 3rd position, while SRK won the title and Hritik followed up on second position.

The positions seem to have changed a bit this year. John Abraham has topped the list, while Hritik Roshan has maintained his second position in the list. Shahrukh Khan stands third in the list this year, while newcomers Ranbir Kapoor & Imran Khan have won the 6th and 8th place respectively. Harman Baweja, Upen Patel and Saif Ali Khan also find a mention somewhere in the list.

After belting out yet another flop in Yuvraaj, it comes as another rude shock to Salman Khan that he has been completely taken off the list!!! Perhaps, if they drew a list for uncles and aunties, Sallu miyan might find a place. What say?

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