It wasn’t!

It cannot be! No matter how much the knife-sharp brain of Raghu , or the tactful handling of the show’s host, Ranvijay , is put to use!

Raghu, the conceptualizer of Splitsvilla, who is also the brain behind MTV Roadies, is known for bringing twists in his own tale! He did that a number of times in Roadies, and then in Splitsvilla, when he though that the game was becoming too monotonous.

He has always derived the excitement by making his subjects’ lives hell!

Splitsvilla, the game of love, betrayal, scheming and bitching was conceived for the men folk of the world. Two boys were to choose their partners amongst 20 hot girls by dumpling all other girls. The winning girls were to host a show on MTV with the boys.

So the boys enjoyed all the power until Raghu realised that it was unfair (Oh! You should have asked the memsaabs! We knew it from the beginning! Anyway, better late than never). He twisted the rules of the game and now only one couple was to win. The equation of ultimate power shifted from the boys to the girls! Now, the winning girl was to choose her partner from the two guys! Fair enough?

Absolutely not! Not for us at least!

The winning lady, Shraddha is supposedly in love with the winner boy, Vishal. So, maybe it was a happy ending for her. But for us it’s just the beginning!

Vishal is cute, sexy, has a good body and look really good… till he opens his mouth! He was almost stammering in all the bytes that he gave to MTV during the show. How will he carry an entire show on his shoulders is a million dollar question! Maybe Shraddha, who is a good speaker (now we know how opposites attract), will do all the talking while Vishal will entertain us with his cute dimples!

But this doesn’t mean that Varun would have been a better choice in any way! He can talk (at least among the two he is a better speaker), but he is probably half the diameter of the skinniest girl in Splitsvilla! The guy has never made any effort to do anything about his body, that looks like a ribbed cage with a vacuum inside! And yes, his face too is no better than a tiny rodent’s, sticking out of a hole.

Splitsvilla was unfair from the very beginning. The hottest of the girls were served with the most unexciting of boys, and that too recycled from MTV’s previous shows!

Nevertheless, the show wasn’t a total disappointment. It uncovered the other side of boys. It showed us how boys, who always complain about girls’ habit of bitching, turn into true bitches themselves, when put in the slightest competitive circumstances!

Now was Ranvijay wrong in calling the boys, “Oh ladies…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” when it was their turn to be dumped?

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