When Pooja Jain posted her first youtube video, she would hardly have imagined that it would take her to the Bigg Boss house!

Meet Dhinchak Pooja aka Pooja Jain – the first Wildcard entry to Bigg Boss house in season 11. Dhinchak Pooja is an aspiring musician who has gained immense popularity as a youtuber with cringeworthy music! She has confessed that she had wanted to make music since her early years. She writes and composes her own music which critics love to hate! But her songs are fun, catchy, and keep going viral on the internet.

Dhinchak Pooja has an acute sense of what will click with the audience. This must be why the inmates of Bigg Boss house seem upset at seeing Dhinchak Pooja amongst them. Notable was the reaction of Hina Khan, who kep asking “Why Bigg Boss, Why?”

With Akash Dadlani already present inthe house with his Bang Bang, it is inevitable that we will get more music in the coming days from within the BB house. What’s more, we can now expect something else apart from Bang Bang!

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Lavanya Mehra


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