If the big fat celebrity weddings of ViruShka, DeepVeer and NicYanka have left you asking for more, there is another celebrity wedding you will witness before the year ends.

Rakhi Sawant has announced that she is finally getting married – for real, this time. She is marrying a guy named Deepak Kalal. The wedding is scheduled for 31st December and will be held in Los Angeles.

Soon after this announcement was made, people have come up with various memes about this celebrity wedding.

So who is Deepak Kalal, the guy marrying Rakhi Sawant? Deepak is a celebrity in his own right. He is an internet sensation, well known for his quirky videos. Often he puts up adult content too. He likes to call himself a travel blogger. Deepak says that he quit his studies after Class X because of financial troubles. He took a short course in hotel managemnet and landed a job as a receptionist at a hotel.

We already know what a whacky and quirky sense of humour Rakhi has, so this does seem like a match made in heaven! We wish them the very best…

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