“Whaat? Did someone buy the Bachchans? I didn’t know they were on sale!”

Is this what you are thinking? Hey! Don’t worry, the Bachchans are not (and were never) on sale. It’s just that they have suddenly become richer by Rs. 1500 crores. Some stroke of luck this must be!

Cutting a long story short, Anil Ambani has offered a mega bucks deal (Rs. 1500 crores) to the Bachchan parivaar. Between the three of them, Amitabh, Abhishek and Aishwarya will work on a multitude of projects that will be financed by Reliance Big Entertainment (RBE).

RBE is the “entertainment” company of business tycoon Anil Ambani. The company will make a foray into TV series (who wouldn’t these days?), films, mobile content, internet content and reality shows. While the RBE will take care of the business and marketing aspect of all these projects, the Bachchans will put in the “entertainment” factor into all these projects. They will sing, laugh, dance, recite dialogues, act, and do everything else to entertain us, the audience.

Not only will the Bachchans provide the creative inputs, they will also have a share in the profits. Some people just have all the luck! As we all know, all the big names in Bollywood are on a signing spree with a new multi-crore deal being announced every day. But this one surely is the “mother of them all”. This gives food for thought to all those pundits who had indicated that Ash will bring bad luck to hubby Abhi. As of now, Abhishek seems to be blessed in every possible way!

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