As the shooting schedule of “Manikarnika: the Queen of Jhani” is nearing its end, everyone wants to know what is next for Kangana. Kangana Ranaut, who has emerged as a popular leading lady, is now in that spot where films are written for her. This is a rare honour for any female actor as the Indian film industry is majorly male actor oriented. This is why everyone wants to know what’s on the cards for Kangana now.

We hear that Kangana is preparing for a new genre. She has never before worked in the Whodunit genre, but this is what her next film will be like. We also hear that her character will be dark in this film. She wants the title Mental for this film- that explains a lot about the central character, right? We also hear that Vicky Kaushal has been roped in to play the other lead role in this film. 

A period film like Manikarnika takes a lot of hard work and leaves a huge emotional print on the actors. This is why most actors who work in period films take up easygoing and fun roles after the tedious period drama. But Kangana has chosen a dark character to play after Manikarnika – she surely doesn’t want anything easy!

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Lavanya Mehra


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