Shahrukh Khan was just another TV actor when he made his Bollywood debut with Yash Raj Films’ Darr. It was very uncommon for a lead actor to play a negative role in those days. This is why Sunny Deol, who was a bigger star, played the good guy and SRK, who was a newbie, was cast in the negative role. Shahrukh took a big risk when he signed up for this role. But his portrayal of Rahul’s character in the film was such that he became a star overnight and the rest is history.

Darr was about a man’s obsession with a woman. Back in nineties, things were not easy for stalkers! Imagine how easy it is to stalk someone today, with all this technology at hand. Imagine how would the story of Darr unfold if told today in the modern world.

Apparently some people have been thinking about this a lot. This is why the YRF camp has decided to tell this story again in the form of a web series. YRF has already released a teaser trailer of Darr 2.0 on their Youtube channel and it will certainly make you feel a little uncomfortable. Enjoy the teaser, and wait for the series!

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