“What should I wear?” is the first question that comes to our minds when we plan for a party. And a New Year Party is no ordinary occasion! It is the biggest bash of the season. All your friends will be there, and you need to look your best that day!

Here is a short guide that will help you choose an ideal look for that day!

Tip 1: Wear light
Keep your dressing light for this evening. Choose a light-coloured outfit that flaunts your best features. Keep the work on the outfit light and elegant too.

Tip 2: Complimenting accessories
Keep the jewellery and accessories light too. Don’t use the occasion to show off your latest collection. Rather, choose the accessories carefully to compliment your beauty.

Tip 3: Uncomplicated hairdo
Here again, keep it simple and elegant. Open hair falling back on your shoulders will always go with your outfit. You may want to get your hair straightened for the evening, as per your liking. Or you may want to get them stylized into locks, curls or fizzy strands. However you choose to stylize them, try to keep the overall hairdo simple and easy to handle.

Tip 4: A footwear to dance in
Choose stylish, yet manageable footwear for the day. Do not wear high heals if you cannot handle it for long. You may be dancing all night! Be prepared to dance in those sandals you’re planning to put on!

While dressing up for the big evening, the idea is to look classy, yet be comfortable. The party is going to last long after midnight and will surely attract a lot of crowd. If you are comfortable in your outfit, you will enjoy more and won’t get tired too quickly!

Tip 5: Carry some warmth
Carry something warm to wear for the evening. You will definitely need it if your party is in the open. And even if it is an enclosed area, you might need it while returning home. Whatever the case may be, be prepared for the cold winter evening!

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