Aamir Khan is a big name in Bollywood business. When it comes to the movie business and overall collections, Aamir’s movies are always ranked on the top. Well, as we all know that Aamir Khan is the only superstar from the B-town who does not like to attend award functions and has always denied his presence. Well, the fact that Aamir never attends award function is now no more true. Recently in an award function, the superstar showed his presence and media is going crazy with it.

Dangal superstar has always dissed award functions irrespective of its high profile public gathering. Aamir has always vocalized his virtues on why he does not like to attend award functions that’s why he has never been spotted at any prolific events in the last 16 years. Well, then what made Aamir break his vow to never attend award function this time?

Recently Aamir was seen attending Master Dinanath Mangeshkar awards. Well, what made Mr. Khan attend this award ceremony? To make you bit clear; Aamir was specially invited by the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar to attend the function. There is no one who would disregard an invitation from the nation’s living singing legend. Aamir’s presence really lightens the award show. Aamir also received ‘Vishesh Puraskar’ for his fantastic performance in ‘Dangal’.

This special ceremony marked the 75th death anniversary of Lata Mangeshkar’s father. This was also the same time when the ‘Nightingale of India’, Lata Mangeshkar began her musical journey.

We are actually fascinated by Aamir’s presence in the award show and wish to have his presence more in such award shows in future.

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Joydev Mishra


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