Cinestar Ranveer Singh made his small screen debut this weekend. Ranveer’s show ‘The Big Picture’ kicked off on Colors Prime Time last Saturday with great aplomb and expectations. Backed by Salman Khan, the show is a close copy of Kaun Banega Crorepati. A series of questions, with doubling monetary awards at each level and 3 lifelines. One big difference, as Ranveer pointed out to a contestant, answers to questions are not ‘locked’, they are ‘committed’ at The Big Picture!

So how did Ranveer do? The first contestant was bubbly constable from Haryana Police Karishma Toor. Even before the game could start, Ranveer was seen sweating profusely and he asked for a moment to go wipe off the sweat. It was funny and also cute to see how worked up the handsome actor was about his TV debut. Ranveer established great rapport with his first contestant Karishma. We saw him express great emotion and being moved after hearing the story of hardships that contestant Abhay Sharma had to face. Overall, we saw Ranveer without any airs, completely down to earth, and trying hard to be fun. The show is more fun than KBC but not quite as exciting as Bigg Boss. It will take Ranveer a few more weeks to find his mojo and establish himself as a game show host. Good attempt gully boy!

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