Fashion trends are always a big talk in India. The way you carry yourself is a new line among the people to discuss. We are thrilled to have stars like Sonam and Taapsee to grace red carpets with their fashionable line of clothing. However, some celebs tend to cross the line with their fashion experiments. VJ Bani’s recent look is a case in point.

Recently while gracing a red carpet the television personality tried to get a little too untried and failed despondently. Sporting a weird collaboration in the shades of beige and steel-blue, Bani gave us a profound red-carpet look, to say the least.

Bani wore a turtle-neck, tent dress that had a vertical visual division created by the two colors, which looked quite spiteful. Making things worse for the outfit was the combination of turtle-neck, one-shoulder and cape-sleeve patterns that gave the outfit a really shambolic appearance.

The fashionable carry on of Bani J got turned into fashion disaster and fallout in the lines of trolls. What do you all think? Did Bani experiment properly in her new avatar?


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