Everyone has an old pair of jeans. A pair of jeans that you never want to get out of. They’re cool, they’re comfortable and they’re your exclusive property! They almost become your identity.

And then they start wearing out and after a point you can no longer wear them. Because if you wear them; either they will just rip off in an embarrassing stance of time. Or you will have to hear some very sarcastic comments from your Mom, or worse, Grandmom!

Nevertheless, you don’t want to part ways with your favourite pair of denims. What can you do?

Here are a few very interesting ways in which you can “recycle” your denims:

1. Hanging Bags:
Cut off the legs from the pair of jeans and make them into cool elongated hanging bags. Trim them to the length you want to and use the remaining denim to make loops for the bags so that they can hang on the nails. Now you can use them to hold everyday stuff like cleaning rags, paper rolls, etc.

Use your imagination to decorate with buttons, pockets and other accessories.

2. Carry Bags
With a little bit of stitching and unstitching, you can create cool carry bags from your old pair of jeans. Cut off the narrow legs of your jeans and unstitch the inner lining of the thigh portion. Then stitch the two segments of your jeans together to get a single bag that will carry your books, deos, make-up and other stuff. The narrow legs that you cut off can be stitched from side-to-side to make the bag’s strap.

The back pockets of your jeans will still be used to carry your cell phone and your wallet. Only now they will be on your bag and not on your hips!

3. Wall Hangings
Denim is one of the best materials that can be used to nurture your creativity with colours. Sketch, paint, splash colours or stitch a design with colourful threads and beads. Once your masterpiece is ready, frame it and put it on your wall.

4. Cool Wallet
Use the area around your hip pocket to make the wallet. Reuse the zip as a fastener for your wallet opening. You can use both the pockets to make it a multi pocket wallet.

5. Copy Covers
Denims would serve as excellent covers for your books, and journals. They are tough and they are cool. What more would you want? And you have a readymade pocket on it to keep your special notes!

6. Sexy Skirt
Turn the show from cool to sexy. First, cut off the arrow lengths of your jeans. Then, unstitch the inner lining of the upper portion of your jeans and stitch the two fragments together. Now, trim the skirt to the length you like and flaunt it to your friends. Or, if you do not want to go into the hassle of stitching and unstitching, simply cut the jeans and make it into a cool pair of shorts!

7. Photo frames
You can also use your hip pocket as a photo frame. Simply stick the photograph on the pocket and stitch a loop to it to hang it on a wall.

8. Gift Wrapping
Try presenting your friend with gift wrapped in denim. Rip off your jeans and do some patch-work to size it up with the gift. Now wrap the gift in the innovative cover and wait till your see the excitement on your friend’s face when she/he receives it!

These were only a few ways in which you can reuse your old pair of denims. There will be many more that will strike you once you get down with your favourite jeans in your hands.

Now, there is no need to part ways with your favourite denims. In such creative forms, they will not only stay with you for long, but will also gain appreciation of your Mom and Grandmom!

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