Tubelight is no doubt this year’s most anticipated movie. Kabir Khan the director of the movie is known for his out of the world stories and direction. This time with Tubelight, Kabir is all set to stamp a new record in the entertainment business.

Kabir Khan and Salman Khan Jodi are unbeatable in the box-office. We as the spectators know that we will be up for a great spin. With the success rate of 100%, their films are a package of enjoyment and sentiments and tubelight will be no less than a blockbuster.

Tubelight the film revolves around the India-China war scenes and involves more than 600 actors who were cast to play army personnel in the movie. Sohail Khan’s character in the film is also an army officer and Salman Khan is seen playing the role of a brother to Sohail Khan on screen.

In order to make the 600 soldiers in the movie look real, Kabir Khan, the director of the film, came up with an exceptional yet efficient idea to get 600 casted actors for the role of soldiers get trained from our Indian Army to look like real soldiers. He asked the Indian Army to train these actors for the film, to which they voluntarily agreed. They took the actors under their administration for a couple of weeks. They prearranged a wader camp for the actors and trained them meticulously to make them look like real-life soldiers. The actors had a complete alteration and showcased the body language of a soldier that looks completely convincing. They even learned to hold their weapons and armor perfectly.

Tubelight is produced by Salma Khan and Salman Khan. It stars Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and the Chinese actress Zhu Zhu in the lead. We are eagerly waiting for the movie to strike the theaters.

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