Kapil Sharma and Karan Johar are two of the mot successful people working on Indian TV. We love them both and they they are both extremely busy people. So it is always a treat when we do get to see them together. One such occassion was when the two were hosting the Filmfare Awards together. All was going great till the moment when Kapil Sharma invited Shahrukh Khan to come up and host the event with him. Kapil apparently asked Karan Johar to leave the stage very unceremoniously, saying “You are my assistant and you may leave now.”

This has apparently not gone down too well with Karan Johar. This must be why the Koffee With Karan episode featuring Kapil Sharma has been axed!

Karan did host Kapil for his famous Koffee, but the episode will not be aired at all. The makers of the show are saying that perhaps the episode did not turn out to be too exciting or interesting and that is probably the reason why the episode has been axed, but this does not seem to be the only reason. What do you think?

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