Recently Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu came out in the open about their relationship admitting that they are seeing each other. This after months and months of denials whenever they were quizzed about their relationship citing the infamous line – “We are just friends only” .This line is the bane for any person from the media, who covers Bollywood, because she is so used to hearing this line that probably even in her dreams there would be a Bollywood couple mouthing this line.

So what is it that our dear stars fear when they do not admit seeing each other? Is it that they fear losing their fan following? The most famous example would be of our own Stallone – Sallu and our own Cleopatra – Katrina Kaif. These two started seeing each other and have probably even ended their relationship, but they never admitted to being in one. The whole world knew that they were seeing each other, except these two stars. This is not the first for Salman, and probably not the last. Remember the days when Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan were “just friends”? Vivek Oberoi has also shared this “just friends” relationship with Ash.

Then you have our dancing star Shahid Kapur and his numerous reported flings. The fling that carries the most buzz is with PC or Priyanka Chopra. The two are reportedly very close and even have flats in the same building. But when asked if they are in a relationship, they mouth that line again. Shahid is reported to have been in a relationship with Vidya Balan too and in fact Vidya admitted that she was in a relationship, though she did not name with who. But it was there for all to see who that ‘Who’ was.

Probably the most famous relationship denial would be of Junior Bachchan and Ash. This was until Sr. Bachchan admitted to the press that his son had proposed to Ash and that she had accepted. Prior to this admittance by Sr. Bachchan, whenever any of the family was asked if Abhi & Ash were a jodi they would laugh it off citing these as rumors. But then today they are husband and wife.

One couple that stands out amidst this sea of “just friends” is John-Bipasha, the most gorgeous couple in B-town. Wish we could have stars like John & Bips. These two are an example for the rest. They have never hidden their relationship from anybody and have been quite open about it right from the start. And the media loves and respects them for this attitude of theirs. While we do agree and admit that stars do have a right to their privacy, but they should also know that by virtue of being in the public eye there are fans who want to know about them. By denying their fans the truth the stars are not setting a good example. Also many a times the stars get personal with the journo who is writing or reporting their relationship. what they need to understand here is that the journo is just doing his job.

The stars want to be in the limelight too, but at the same time they want the media not to intrude on their privacy. C’mon guys you cannot have your cake and eat it too, right? Time for Saifeena to set things right for this couple were also open about their relationship right from the start and are a true example of how to manage the media.

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