If there is something that we can never have enough of, it’s Money! Where it comes to money, everyone belongs to the same religion. Everyone wants more and more of it. There are so many attractive and interesting things all around you, that your paycheck (no matter how big it is) does not seem enough to buy the things you desire. With the lifestyles that people live today, it is very difficult to balance one’s income and expenditure account. Needless to say, saving is even more difficult.

In such a scenario, wouldn’t you jump at an opportunity of making more money in your spare time? We all have some spare time, Right? An hour a day or just the weekends, perhaps? How nice it would be if a few hours every week could help us in supplementing our income! So Memsaab has put together a few interesting ideas for you. With these tips, you can surely make extra money in your spare time…

Spare Time = Spare Money

Become A Consultant: Don’t let the jargon scare you, ladies! Being a consultant is a lot less fancy than you may think. It simply means that you offer your skills to any person, business or firm in return for money. So if you are a Fashion Designer, perhaps you could tie up with a couple of boutiques in your city. Just visit each one for an hour or two every week, and share your new designs with them. Similarly, you can offer your knowledge and skills to businesses and make an extra buck in your spare time.

Take Tuitions: Everyone who has a decent education can do this. Just stick up printed advertisements outside grocery shops etc in your neighborhood, and soon you will have a nice group of children who need tutoring.

Crèche: If you are a “stay-at-home” mom, you can make some money by offering crèche services to people in your neighborhood. Just make a nice kiddy room for the children, spread around a few toys and you are all set. Your day will basically involve the same activities you normally do, except that now you would be doing them with more kids than one.

Consumer Surveys: Find out about the local marketing research companies and sign up to participate in consumer surveys.

Sales: Sign up to become a sales representative for companies like “Avon” or “Tupperware”, “Oriflame”, “Amway” etc. If you have a nice network of people you know socially, you can earn a decent amount of money in commissions.

Rent: This doesn’t really require you to spend any time. If you have a spare room in your house, rent it out to a student or single professional. Similarly, if you have extra garage/parking space, you could rent it out to someone who needs space to park his/her car.

Shopping: Become a mystery shopper and have fun while you make money!

Hobbies: Try to tap into your hobbies. Sell your photographs, if you like photography. If you are a painter or sculptor, you could tie up with an art house and sell your stuff.

Blog: While you cannot get rich overnight with blogging, it can certainly provide you with a decent income. Try to get as many people as possible to view your blog. Write about latest and controversial issues. As the traffic to your site increases, your income will too!

Ebay: Scout around your house and peek into your closets. Is there something you don’t use? If you are like most people, you will have a lot of junk that lies unused month after month. Why not get rid of it, and make some money?

Candy: If you enjoy cooking, you could make candy or chocolates and sell them at local grocery stores, gift shops etc.

Stock Trading: This is the big daddy of all the “extra money” ideas. If you do decide to go into stock trading, you must calculate your risks and set some ground rules before you begin. Since stock trading is highly lucrative and highly risky, it should be entered into with caution.

Hopefully you will find a few of these ideas worth considering. A little extra cash won’t hurt you, ladies. So go for it!

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