Wardrobe Must Haves (Part II)

There is one item that every woman desires, which can transform the plainest of Janes into attractive and sensual beauties. It is the Stiletto. A sexy pair of stilts can give a sexy edge to each and every outfit you own, no matter how drab it might be!

Stilettos have this raw seansuality associated with them. They can make anyone look sexy. The second advantage of wearing stilts is the extra height you can gain with those couple of inches’ heels. Last, but the most important advantage of wearing stilts is that they impart an aura of confidence to the wearer.

So a sexy pair of Stilettos is a must have for every wardrobe. But what are your options? Will you be able to walk around in those high heels? Will you be able to afford a nice pair? Will they last? Such questions often deter women from buying stilts. So we have put together some information for you…

Stilettos: The Wardrobe Must Have No. 2

Yes, sometimes they are quite uncomfortable, especially if the pair is not right for you. But stilettos are here to stay. No fashion conscious woman will be found wearing anything else on her feet, on an evening out. Fashion pundits believe that every woman MUST own at least one pair of stylish stilettos.

Pointy Toed Stilettos

All pointy toed shoes are in vogue these days, and stilettos are no exception. The good thing about pointy toed shoes is that they create an illusion of longer legs. But please understand that the point is NOT supposed to accommodate your toes. So Do NOT push or cram your feet into the space at the point. Another important tip is that high heeled stilettos tend to push the feet downwards into the shoe. So it is a good idea to buy half size larger than your normal shoe size.

Platform Stilettos

These are sexy and skinny high heels combined with a high platform for the front part of your feet. The good thing about these stilettos is that while you wear a higher heel, the front platform reduces the angle of your feet. This makes these a more comfortable version of the stilettos.

Ankle Strap

Ankle straps are very much in fashion these days. They look absolutely great on a slim ankle. They draw attention to your pretty feet and lovely stilettos. On the practical side, these straps also help in holding your feet in place. Most women complain about difficulty in balancing or slipping of the feet while wearing stilettos. Ankle straps take care of the slipping very well.

Open Toed Stilettos

Open toed stilettos are preferable for evening wear. One thing to remember is that open toed stilettos should NEVER be worn with tights or pantyhose. Yes, tights are a rage today, but they do not gel with open toed sandals at all. So give them a miss if you are wearing open toed stilettos.

Tips For Choosing & Wearing Stilettos

• If you are very short in height, please do not try to make up for it by wearing extremely high stilettos. Wear heels that you are comfortable in. 3-4 inches is good for almost everyone.
• For everyday wear, choose a pair with 2-3 inch heel. For the evening wear, you can choose slightly higher heels.
• The most important rule while buying stilettos is that they should be comfortable. You should not have to cram your feet into whatever is available. Wait and look around till you find the right size for your feet.
• If you want to show off your sexy new stilettos, make your feet also worth showing off. Take care of calluses, nail polish, cracked heels etc before you go out to impress.
• If you are going to do a lot of walking around, it is advisable to leave behind your stilettos. Not only can they be uncomfortable, they can do your feet/legs permanent harm if worn for long durations of time.

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