The Censor Board certainly seems to think so! Why else would they ask Homi Adjania, the director of “Finding Fanny” to drop/beep this word from one of Deepika’s dialogues in the film? 

If you look at the Oxford English dictionary, the word actually exists, and has a proper meaning. The problem is that it is related to “sex”, which is taboo as per our censor board. But then, why was Salman Khan allowed to proclaim to the world on National Television that he was a virgin? Salman Khan’s statement on  that show (Karan’s Koffee show) and the media exposure it got was much more than what Finding Fanny can ever hope to get. Where was the Censor Board then? Perhaps it’s okay for a guy (that too someone as popular as Salman Khan) to mouth the V word, but not okay for a girl to do the same?

What is your take on this issue? Is Virgin really a dirty word? Is it in the same bracket as swearing words? Is it a slang, only to be used by the young and unscrupulous? Or do you believe that the Censor Board needs to grow up and act a little mature?

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