TV Producer and one of the most popular Bigg Boss contestants ever – Vikas Gupta, has exited the Bigg Boss 14 show. Vikas had made several appearances in many Bigg Boss seasons and this year he was roped in again to help the poor ratings of the show. But owing to his personal issues, Vikas has been rather low ever since he appeared. The Mastermind that we are used to watching, was not visible this season.

After he came out as a bisexual a few months ago, Vikas found himself shunned by family and friends. His mother and brother are no longer on talking terms with him. This has affected Vikas a lot and he is unable to deal with the personal trauma he is going through along with the rigorous torment of the reality show!

It has been revealed that Vikas Gupta has once again exited the BB14 show, this time due to failing health. We all know he is suffering from depression, anxiety and blood pressure issues for a few weeks now. We do not have the details yet but it is confirmed that Vikas has left the show due to health. Unfortunately we will not get to see our favorite Mastermind this year!

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