Vidya Balan finds herself in an enviable position these days. She has played a mother to none but Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, the big daddy of present day Bollywood. In their forthcoming film Paa, Vidya plays mom to Auro, a child suffering from a genetic disorder called Progeria, played by Amitabh Bachchan. Playing Mr. Bachchan’s mother is an honor that has not been bestowed on any actress from these times. Only actresses in the time of Nirupa Roy have been honored with the joy of playing Amit ji’s mothers. This is why all the present day heroines are eyeing Vidya with envy these days!

But good fortune has not come easily to Vidya’s doors. After a lot of media attention towards her weighty issues, rumors of romantic involvement with Shahid, and many other things, Vidya has finally found peace in the form of “Paa”.

Like every filmi couple worth their name, Vidya Balan and Shahid Kapur kept everyone guessing with their “just friends” stand. The two became a cynosure of all eyes while they were shooting for Kismat Konnection. Everyone wanted to know if Vidya and Shahid were a couple off screen, but we never really found out. The rumors died after the film crumbled at box office. But now after more than a year, it has been revealed that there was something to those rumors after all!

In an interview, Vidya reveals that she was very unhappy during those times. Her happiness was born out of the trauma of being in an unhappy relationship. Vidya does not take any names, but says that the person she was involved with kept making negative comments about her appearance etc. She says, “If someone who matters to you talks you down, it can break you. That someone whose approval mattered to me started to constantly find faults with me. It started reflecting on me. At that point of time, it was important to walk away from that relationship. I don’t want to take his name.”

Coming to her work in “Paa”, Vidya says that she is immensely proud that her first child is Mr. Bachchan. Vidya is very impressed with Mr. Bachcha’s style of working and tells that he would completely transform into Auro as soon as he got into the getup. She found it amazing that not a trace of Amitabh Bachchan could be found in Auro. She also complements her co-star Abhishek Bachchan for being a complete live wire on the sets. Talking about her experience of playing a mother, Vidya says, “Pehli baar maine mehsoos kiya ki maa hona kya hota hai (it’s for teh first time I realised what is it to be a mother) and therefore, if I may say so, I’m glad Mr Bachchan was my first child.”

We sincerely hope that Vidya is past the trauma she suffered because of the abusive relationship she has mentioned in her interviews. But we do wonder about the timing of all her revelations. Since it is way past a year since all that happened, is it just a coincidence that Vidya is talking about this relationship before the release of “Paa”? Mighty big coincidence if it is one indeed!

What do you feel about Bollywood actors using incidents and facts of their own personal lives to promote their films? Do you think film promotion has come a long way in Bollywood, from the good old days of just pasting posters outside buildings and on big hoardings? Is it a change for the good? Or has this change made everyone more cynical? Please share your views in the comments section given below.

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