Abhinav Shukla and Aly Goni always maintained a cool respect for each other, even pretended to be friends. It never seemed genuine, something always seemed amiss. That was simply because it was a friendship of convenience and now the veil has been dropped. Aly Goni and Abhinav Shukla are now finally out in the open and their dislike for each other has become so apparent!

In yesterday’s big fight, they not only disrespected each other with gestures and words, they made it clear that  they were not on the same team and never were. While Aly called Abhinav a ‘bandar’, Abhinav called Aly a ‘bhains’ and a ‘bail’ (buffalo and bull), making a reference to Aly’s size. It seemed like Aly’s size makes Abhinav insecure! Abhinav kep saying that Aly licked after spitting, and Aly kept spitting and asking Abhinav to lick.

This was a dirty low level fight that we did not expect from Aly and Abhinav. Probably now that Jasmin is gone, these two men do not feel the need to pretend any more. 

After the fight Abhinav called out Rubina for lauging with Aly even though he had disrespected her husband. Rubina was quick to point out that Aly was always friends with Jasmin even though she often disrespected Rubina. Ouch and Touche!

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