Quick Gun Murugun, the original Indian cowboy is all set to make his debut on the big screen. Shashanka Ghosh, the creator of “Mind It” Murugan has made sure that the much loved cowboy reaches out to a larger audience through a film.

If you have missed Quick Gun Murugun on Channel V, you would probably recognize him from the SRK’s Murugun act in Om Shanti Om. Murugun is probably the only vegetarian cowboy you may have heard of. The character is being played by Rajendra Prasad, who will surely tickle your funny bone with his “guntastic” powers. In his own words, “James Bond will do one variety, the western cowboy will do another variety, but Quick Gun Murugan’s guns will speak a different variety. One bullet can kill five villains. Please see the film on the big screen, you will enjoy it.”

Phat Phish Motion Pictures, the producers, have already planned a sequel to Quick Gun Murugun. Not surprisingly, the sequel has been titled The Good, The Bad, and The Idly. Funny, eh?

“Quick Gun Murugun” will have Murugun combating his nemesis Rice Plate Reddy. As the names themselves suggest, both the rivals will compete for the “funny” quotient in the film. The film also marks the return of Rambha, the voluptuous Southie actress, who plays Mango Dolly in the film. Mango Dolly is a vamp character, who is basically a very nice person. “I am doing a film after a long time, so I’m quite excited, but as of now as you can see my voice is shaking, because I have stage fright.”, says Rambha.

Fox Star Studios is distributing the film in India. It has already been showcased in the London film Festival and the New York Asian Film Festival. It will be released in India on August 28. Murugun has a message for you, “Yenna Rascala, you must watch my film. Mind it!!!”

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