If reports are to be believed, two of the warring Khans are headed towards a “dostaana” of sorts. A little birdie has revealed that Shahrukh Khan & Salman Khan are trying to mend their soddy relationships. Both the Khans are sending out feelers to test the waters before taking any step in that direction.

The initiative was taken by Salman Khan. When he saw the promos of My Name Is Khan, he liked them so much that he called up Karan Johar and congratulated him on the same. Considering that Karan is more than a brother to SRK, this call was almost like calling King Khan himself. Apparently, Sallu miyan said some nice things about SRK also while talking about MNIK with Karan.

So SRK also took up the positive vibes and responded in a similar way. At an awards function, SRK was heard saying that he was looking forward to watching Veer this year. He also said a few nice things about this particular film, which happens to be a Salman Khan production.

Last year was quite dramatic for Bollywood as many old friends turned foes. The most public and outrageous was the SRK-Salman split, which fed the hungry media for months. The quotes were priceless and the enmity seemed to go on forever. But it seems that 2010 has something else in store for Bollywood. If these reports are anything to go by, the SRK-Salman enmity may soon be a thing of the past.

It must have taken a big heart for Salman to call up Karan and praise MNIK, considering that it is a SRK film. Similarly, for SRK to forget all the insult and humiliation, it must have taken some will. But then, our stars are known to be practical when it comes to business. What better way of promoting their films than rake up an old story of enmity, turn it around into a tale of brotherhood and blah blah blah? With the release dates of My Name Is Khan and Veer not very far off, any controvery would be welcome.

It comes as no surprise that the Khans are using their sweet-sour friendship to get milegae in the media, promoting their films that are lined up for release. But now that both the Khans have tested waters, what next? If all this is really true, then it is obvious that SRK and Salman do not wish to continue their enmity and sour relationship. So how and when do they plan to bury the hatchet and be friends again? The audience wants to see them together. Let us hope that this happens soon!

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