For Tisca Chopra, who spent 10 years of her childhood in Kabul, the photos and videos of Afghanis attempting to flee the country as Taliban took over the capital city of Afghanistan, were “disturbing and heartbreaking”. “I worry for the women and children of Afghanistan under the Taliban regime because the freedom to work, education… all that might no longer exist. So many women fought so hard for years for progress, for their basic rights, and all that might just disappear, which is heartbreaking. From what we all have been seeing on the Internet, and whatever I have been reading and watching about Afghanistan, everything is disturbing. My whole childhood is connected to that land. I can understand the sense of betrayal that the Afghanis might be feeling. What are they going to do? The images of people hanging to the wheels of the aircraft that was leaving, falling to their death, were heartbreaking. For them, death was better than living in that country. To see such images, to think about what those people must be going through is disturbing,” says Tisca.

Tisca Chopra posted this picture of her as a child with her family in Kabul

Reminiscing about her growing up years in Kabul, Tisca says that even that was a time of war for the country.

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