With the current Corona Virus scare, schools have been closed all over the country. Many other goverment and private establishments are also closing down to prevent spread of the pandemic. This means that children all over the country will be staying at home for a few weeks. You cannot send your children to play in the park. You cannot take them out for a movie or to an indoor playground for children. You cannot even have a party to entertain your kids and their friends. What does this mean?

This simply means a lot of headache, nerves stretched to the breaking point, tears, screams and the works! You may get a few hours of pece by turning on the TV or giving your phone to your little angels. But this is not an ideal solution. So we bring you a few tips on how to channel this time usefully and keep your kids engaged during this unexpected break from school.

– Sign up on Learning Apps. There are many learning apps that are not only educational but are also fun to work on. If your child spends 1-2 hours on these apps, it is certainly time well spent.

– Engage your children with some board games. This is a great time to bond with your family, if you look at the positive side of things.

– Keep some time aside for art and craft. Let everyone come up with a creation and then put them all up on display in the living room.

– Get fit together with a dancing hour!

– Watch a family movie or enjoy a show that you all love.

– Keep some time aside for snacks/meals every 2-3 hours.

The idea is to divide the time into sections and keep things organized just like their time at school. If you can plan and organize this time, it will be much easier for everyone. But if the kids are given a free rein, things will soon spiral out of control!

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