As Diwali is around the corner, odds are high that one might indulge in deep-fried snacks and sugar-laden sweets. However, this unhealthy lenience can impact people with diabetes. Several doctors have recommended a few tips or ways through, you can challenge the situation while indulging in your favorite foods.

Here are some of the tips to sail through diabetics during this festive season.

>Avoid fried snacks: Fried snacks are delicious and highly alluring, but you should keep this in mind that overindulging in any unhealthy snacking options like samosas and pakodas can distress blood sugar and lead to weight gain.

>Skipping meals due to preparation: Preparing for festivals can get meticulously tedious at times, and it often leads to prancing of meals in order to get things done on time. However, if you are diabetic, try to plan ahead and get things sorted beforehand to allow yourself enough time amidst the preparations to have your meals at regular intervals.

>Heavy feast without control: Celebration of an Indian festival means a profusion of food. But that does not mean you should eat as much as you can without control. It is important to be watchful of the kind and the amount of food intake for a diabetic patient for better management.

>Missing out routine which is very often: The primary appeal of a festival lies in the fact that it is not like just another mundane day in a year. It is diverse, thrilling, to the point that it makes us forget our daily routine. But, as you must already know, maintaining discipline is an indispensable part of effective diabetes management. So, make sure you do not miss out on your routine while relishing the festivities.

So, enjoy the festivities and keep your health in check.

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