Moving to greener pastures is in the nature of all animals, and we are no different. There was a time when people emigrated to developed countries for money. But things have changed today. India has itself become a land of opportunities. Our economy has been doing really well in the last couple of years and paychecks are at an all time high. Yet, Desis still harbour NRI dreams!

As the need for money has been fulfilled, Desis have moved up to higher level needs. Now “a classier/better lifestyle”, “security of life” and “better infrastructure” have become the reasons why people still keep migrating. Are you also planning to move to a new country for good? Are your NRI dreams coming true, finally?

If yes, read on further to prepare yourself for the changes in your life that are bound to happen. Don’t forget, immigration can be a rude shock for most people. So it is better to be prepared…

Keep Your Expectations Real

Many people migrate to countries like Canada and Australia with big dreams in their eyes, and no idea of the ground reality. The reality is that immigration is tough business. Sometimes, people do not find a job in their field. Sometimes, finding decent housing is an issue. For couples with kids, things are even more difficult as they cannot afford day care or a baby sitter to look after the kids while they go to work. In short, it takes a couple of years for a couple to settle down in their chosen country. Be ready for hard work and a tough life for the initial 2-3 years.

Getting Employment

Finding employment in their profession is the hardest thing for Desis. In countries like Canada/Australia, it is easier to find a job as a hairdresser or chef than to find work as a professor of Botany. It is also true that companies and institutions prefer employees who have education/experience in their country. That greatly reduces your options. So to increase your employability, you should try to get some education in your field after you move to your adopted country.

If you are single, you could do a part time course, while working part time. If your spouse is with you, then the best way is for one of you to work and the other to study. The most important thing to remember is that you start spending money in Dollars as soon as you land in your chosen country. So you need to start earning ASAP. Don’t wait for the right break. Grab whatever work you can to keep the bread coming in! Slowly you can look around for a job in your own field.


If you have migrated legally, you will obviously be allowed to work full time. But if you are going abroad on a student visa or as the spouse of a student, you need to find out about your options. How many hours per week can you work legally? Get your work permit and other documents in order. Abide by law and do nothing that might jeopardize your chances of settling in your new country.

Language Barrier

Moving to a new country means moving into a new culture. You need to start with learning their language. English is the universally accepted language, anyway. So if you are not too good at English, make sure that you improve your language skills. Not knowing English/local language can greatly affect your employability. In countries like Canada, French is as much used as English. So leaning French is definitely a good idea if you are moving to Canada.

These are basic and general guidelines for anyone trying to migrate to Western countries. In our next article in the series, we will bring you another couple of tips that will specifically help you in settling down in your new country. Till then, Good Luck!!!

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