When you think of the phrase “timeless beauty”, which names crop up in your mind? For most Bollywood fans, Hema & Rekha are the two Divas who can be described with this phrase. Both Rekha ji and Hema ji seem to not have aged at all. Their beauty and grace seem to defy all laws of nature. From the glow on their lovely faces to their 1000 watt smiles, everything about these two women seems to be just perfect. Both Hema & Rekha have ruled Bollywood for decades and are counted amongst the most successful Bollywood actresses even today.

So how would you like to watch them on screen once again? Rekha and Hema will soon be seen in a film called “Sadiyaan”. Director Raj Kanwar had always dreamt of working with these two gorgeous ladies and with “Sadiyaan”, he seems to have made his dreams come true! Here’s what the director says, “When I started my career, they had finished their innings as leading ladies. When I was working on the script of Sadiyaan, the script required two powerful actresses who had equal, meaty roles. And I could visualise only Hemaji and Rekhaji in both the roles!”

Fans of the 70’s era of Bollywood will find a double bonanza ith “Sadiyaan” as two of their favorite actresses will appear onscreen in one film. What do you think, did the two ladies get along fine while shooting? Or were they as cold to each other as the leading ladies of today like Kareena and Priyanka? Apparently not. It seems that there were no ego hassles between the two Divas and they were thorough professionals while shooting. As Raj says, ““There were no ego hassles and both of them got along like a house on fire, chatting away in Tamil during breaks! Now the film is complete and both of them have come up with brilliant performances! It is an experience which I will always cherish.”

Interestingly, “Sadiyaan” is also the launch pad vehicle for Luv Sinha. Luv is the son of actor-turned-politician, Shatrughan Sinha. If you remember the Bollywood history well, both Rekha ji and Hema ji have worked with Shatrughan “khamosh” Sinha in many films. Is it puraani dosti which has materialised into this casting coup of sorts for Luv’s debut film? Let’s hope that Dharmendra ji doesn’t hear of these rumors. Warna some poor dog will have its blood sucked out of it!

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