Indian Idol is one of the most prevalent and longest-running reality shows in India, although this season of the singing reality show has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Earlier it was Amit Kumar, son of the legendary singer Kishore Kumar, who said he was explicitly told to praise the contestants and not criticize them. And now it’s a former judge of the show, Sunidhi Chauhan who said the exact same thing.

Playback singer Sunidhi Chauhan has come headlong to share her bit on the matter. Talking about the remarks made by Amit Kumar, Sunidhi said that it’s pretty basic on the show. She also added that she herself was asked to say only positive things about the contestants to boost their morale. Moreover, she also looked to agree with Abhijeet Sawant’s statement as she called the show scripted and dramatic.

Conversely, when asked if the judges of the current season are fair, Sunidhi responded confidently and said that they’re right at their place. She also added that they’re just doing their work which is to clutch the attention of the audience with their acting and entertainment factor. Meanwhile, she also revealed that this is the exact reason she isn’t judging reality shows anymore as they’re forced to praise the contestants.

Sunidhi further publicized that while reality shows have become a big-ticket for music contenders, in the long run, it hurts the aspirants as they get admiration and recognition almost overnight and their hunger to strive for excellence diminishes.

Well, it is sad to know that we won’t see Sunidhi as a judge on any singing reality shows.

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