For decades we have wondered why so few chick flicks are made in Bollywood, and why they don’t succeed at the box office. Is it now time to change this?

Till a few years ago, top female actors were rumoured to be insecure and jealous. They hardly ever got along with each other. The A – listers were so competitive that it was hard to cast them together. This must be why we have had very few chick flicks. But now that our best gals are BFFs with each other, we should have a chick flick, right?

Alia Bhatt certainly thinks so. She has revealed that she has made a pact with her BFFs Katrina KAif and Deepika Padukone that she wants to work with each of them. Alia is game for a chick flick, are producers listening?

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Lavanya Mehra


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