The media sure enjoys a good catfight! If there isn’t one to report, one can always be cooked up, right? This seems to be story when it comes to the alleged cold war between Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone.

Both Kangana and Deepika have had extraordinary success in recent times. Riding high on success of their one film after another, both are extremely busy. It would be silly to expect that the two leading ladies of Bollywood find it easy to hang out with each other. But is there a cold war?

Rumours of a cold ward started when Kangana said that other actors had called to congratulate her for her performance in Queen, but Deepika had not. Though the gorgeous Deepika did call Kangana later, the rumours refuse to die down. Recently, while promoting “Katti Batti”, Kangana was again quizzed about her relationship with Deepika and she breezily said “It is Katti Batti between us!” What do you make of it?

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