Nikki Tamboli has often been derided for being selfish. While some fans find her to be selfish, there are also Bigg Boss fans who appreciate this quality of self-preservation. But this week’s nomination task brought out new lows from Nikki Tamboli.

The task involved debating with your opponent about who deserved to stay in the house more, and then catching hold of the Oxygen mask on the table between both opponents. If one opponent has the mask in their hand, they get immunity and the other opponent gets nominated. But if both of them are holding the mask, they both go into the red zone.

So Nikki was paired with Rahul Vaidya. But she went to the task zone and grabbed the mask before Rahul had arrived or even the task had begun. Rahul pleaded with her to keep the mask on the table but she refused. He kept saying it was not fair that the mask was not on the table when the task began but she did not listen. When he tried to grab it from her, she put the mask in her pants. This shocked everyone and Rahul again pleaded with her to keep the mask on the table. But Nikki just refused to listen, and this is how she won immunity this week.

But after the task was over, housemates congratulated Rahul for maintaining his dignity and derided Nikki for falling to new dirty lows in the house. What is your opinion? Was Nikki justified in her actions towards self preservation?

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