Dil Ka Mamla… nazuk hota ja raha hai!

Gone are the days when a heart disease used to be an old age problem. With the kind of lifestyle we are leading today, heart problems are affecting people in as early as their thirties!

Before the problem aggravates and creeps into your family too, you can easily take control of the situation. And that too, without becoming dependent on pills and prescriptions!

Simply by improving your everyday eating habits, you can lower your cholesterol level and save yourself and your loved ones from falling pray to this deadly problem.

Here are a few simple things that you can take care of, while planning a healthy, cholesterol free diet for your family.

• Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, preferably five or more servings a day.

• Eat plenty of whole grains such as cereal, rice and pasta, preferably six servings a day.

• Include two to four servings of dairy products in your daily food intake, preferably low-fat milk and yogurt.

• Eat beans and peas to help fulfil your daily protein food.

• Try unsaturated vegetable oils such as canola, olive, safflower and sunflower instead of the usual saturated oils.

• Having apple juice regularly can help keep cholesterol low.

• Apart from this, avoid having high calorie diet such as: High-fat dairy products like milk, cream and ice cream, butter, cheese and the like.

• Red meat, hot dogs, sausages and organ meat such as liver, kidney and brain

• And of course, exercise regularly. If regular gymming bothers you, no need to push yourself too much. Just make it a habit to walk for at least half an hour everyday. It will keep your extra fat in check!

And hurray! You will soon realise that keeping cholesterol and heart problems under control is not such a big deal after all!

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