From the very day the star kid Taimur got caught on camera, the media attention has been a constant part of the young lad’s life. The young star kid has given some high standard competition to many actors when it comes to becoming the headlines of the media channels. The social media is obsessed by the looks and the appearances of the young star every time.

In a recent interview when Kareena was asked about the constant media attention and focus showered on Taimur, she said, “Saif [Ali Khan, husband] and I discuss that our baby is bringing a smile to everyone’s face. We see it in a positive light and move on.” Well aware of her own, and now, her son’s soaring popularity, she puns, “People around are unsure whether they should address me as a superstar or the mother of the country’s youngest superstar.”

Kareena further added stating, “Frankly, I am paranoid. So much attention on him is scary. The more I think of it, the more I want to put a kaala teeka on him. I don’t want him to leave the house. But that’s me going overboard. I control my feelings only so that my son can grow up like a regular kid. He deserves to have that chance sans any pressure.”

It seems like a new star is born as per Kareena’s statements above. What do you think?

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