Ex-Miss Universe and Bollywood actor Sushmita Sen has embraced motherhood all over again. Sushmita’s second bundle of joy has arrived in her life almost a decade after the Diva adopted her first daughter Renee. Renee was adopted on 13 April 2000, even though Sushmita had carried the dream of having a daughter named Renee for a long time before that.

It seems that Sushmita had been hoping to adopt another girl child, but was unable to do so because of some legal hassles. The Bombay High Court had ruled that anyone who had adopted a girl child could not adopt another girl child. This ruling was changed 3 months ago, sending our lady Sush in an expectant tizzy! Sushmita immediately began putting her plans in place, contacting adopting agencies and shopping for the baby to come.

Expressing her happiness, Sushmita says, “I am feeling on top of the world. I have named her Alisah, which in Greek means joyful. She is a very happy child. She will win you over in one minute.” Trust Sush to come up with wonderful names for her babies!

People wonder if Sushmita was under pressure to adopt another baby: from her daughter Renee. Little children do crave for siblings you know! Confirming the rumors, Sush says, “Of course. But you know what, I wanted to be a mother all over again. Motherhood is very special. Bahut dinon se khayyal tha lekin High Court ruling ka problem tha. The earlier rule was that if you have adopted a girl as your first baby, you can’t adopt another girl child. And I wanted a girl. Thankfully, three months ago, the High Court changed the ruling. You can’t imagine how happy I was after hearing that. Honestly, I was over the moon. And I am still over the moon.”

Our Miss Universe may not have achieved dizzying heights in Bollywood. But we do appreciate her for her Bindaas attitude. We just love her confidence which encouraged her to be a single mom to an adopted girl child. Sushmita’s second adoption has earned her more respect from all quarters. She has set an example for all those single ladies out there who crave motherhood. She has also set an example for people looking to adopt children, making daughters the preferred choice.

Sushmita can now boast of having a gang of girls at her home. Way to go gal!

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