Survivor series is now hitting up the show. There is a race between two teams Tayak & Catan to gain immunity. How come a participant can get emotional in this environment, hence everybody knows the show is all about to play with mentor’s emotions, feelings & make strategies against each other. If you are competing with someone there should no place for emotions. Day by day the rival between two teams is growing up to survive. It doesn’t matter in what situation or in what circumstances you are in, the vital strategies is to survive by beating others.

The Catan tribe & Tayak tribe is facing different challenges to survive. “Immunity cum reward challenge” last week’s game plan. The winner tribe gets immunity as well as some rewards as Dinner tea set with chocolate chips. The play begins & consequently Tayak tribe won the Immunity cum reward challenge.

As the Catan tribe loses the challenge one team member has to be dropped from their team. So as usual each member voted one team mate to evict from their tribe. As the result came out Priyanka was voted most to drop from the tribe.


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