We don’t scream and shout like our men, but the fact is that women face a lot more stress than men. whether it is the home environment, the household chores, bringing up the children or working in a professional environment, we have a lot more to worry about.

How do you deal with stressful situations? Our social conditioning prevents us from making a big hue and cry about all stressful happenings. We usually don’t give an outlet to our fears, anxieties and anger. this means that we keep our feelings bottled up inside and that is really dangerous for our mental health. So here are a few tips that can help you in dealing with stress.

Stress Busters For women

Say NO: The first step towards dealing with stress is to avoid things that add to the symptoms. So start with saying NO to drugs, alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes. These are but temporary ways to forget about a stressful situation and they make things worse in the long run.

Dance Away Those Blues: There is no better way to beat stress than to dance for an hour every day. It is a great workout for your body and helps in relaxing your nerves. It keeps you in shape and it is the most enjoyable form of exercise. The music is another bonus!

Yoga & Meditation: If dancing seems too much of activity, you can take it slow with yoga and meditation. These two things are great in keeping your body and mind in perfect condition. They are known to slow aging and maintaining health and vigor. Meditation works like magic where it comes to calming your nerves.

Support Group: Having the emotional support of friends who rick in the same boat is a great advantage. Try to build a network of people who share the same problems as you. Sit down for weekly meetings and share your experiences. Sometimes listening to the problems of other people helps you in realizing that your life isn’t so bad after all!

Pamper Yourself: Go get an aromatherapy facial. Get a nice relaxing massage. Buy yourself a makeover at a spa. Spending money on your well being is important and is also known to reduce stress.

Retail Therapy: Shopping is one stress buster that all women swear by. But it’s an expensive one!

Thank God!: Praying and conversing with God is another way to relieve stress. Ardent devotees are known to resign their fate to the Almighty. This means that if you have faith in Him, be sure that He will do what is best for you. So don’t worry much and thank Him for all the wonderful gifts of life.

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